Choosing A Tree Service Provider

When it comes to choosing your tree service provider there are a few key signs to watch out for. Below we have a checklist to make sure you get the best service possible whether you choose us or not. (We hope you do!)

Residential Tree Removal

Get an Estimate

Knowing what the potential services are going to cost upfront is a good indicator of a reputable tree company. At Wysong Tree Service we provide Free Estimates for every job. We want our customers to be informed and confident that they are making the best decision for their property and trees. 
Commercial Tree Services

Is the company Licensed, Insured, and Bonded?

Making sure the company is fully protected saves you from a lot of future headaches. It shows the company takes you and their business seriously. We all know and have heard how unpredictable tree removal can be make sure you know any variables are covered.

Tree Trimming

Is the company experienced?

Tree Removal is an art to a certain extent. With many different techniques involving harnessing, ropes, and removal itself you want to make sure the company sends an experienced crew.

Tree Removal

Ask about Insurance Coverages 

Just like your personal insurance plans, there are different levels of coverage tree service providers can carry. You want to ensure that the company you are prospecting for has appropriate levels of coverage for the job they are to complete for you. 

It is illegal for a Tree Service to operate without insurance so be sure to steer clear of do it yourselfers for everyone’s protection. 

Appropriate tree insurance should cover liability, this ensures damage to property is covered. 

Lot Clearing

Ask about the equipment used

Every job requires a different approach, and Wysong tree service is equipped to handle your tree care needs. From proper harness training, cranes, and our ability to call in help when we need it sets our services apart from area competition. When it comes to removing trees that typically weigh thousands of pounds you want to make sure your service provider comes with the right tools.

Brush Removal

Request References 

Ask the tree service provider if they can let you speak with a prior customer that will vouch for their work. It is a good idea to ask someone that has had similar work completed how their experience was. Any reputable company would be more than happy to provide references for your peace of mind.

Emergency Tree Removal

Check the Reviews

We believe that quality work speaks for itself. You can view our reviews here. Wysong Tree Service strives to provide top-quality service for every customer we have the opportunity to help. Make sure that you go to a Tree removal service that people love.

Why Choose Wysong Tree Removal Services?

Finding the right tree service provider can seem like a daunting task with the dozens of options available. We at Wysong Tree Service want to make sure that you can make an informed decision whether you choose us or not (we hope you do!) Finding a local tree service provider is important because tree removal is dangerous. A company that knows the area and has years of experience provides extra peace of mind. With that knowledge is the ability to choose the right tools for the job to remove your trees safely and efficiently. From Lookout Mountain to Hixson and in between you can count on Wysong being available for fast service in the Chattanooga TN Area.
Not all tree service companies are created equally. We at Wysong have the experience that allows us to complete the most complex jobs competently. From using bucket trucks, cranes, and even tow trucks, we strive to provide top-notch service for all tree removal situations. We also provide tree trimming for tricky branches that others are not experienced enough to remove properly or would shy away from. Wysong is your professional tree service provider for all types of tree removal. On top of professional services, you can also expect competitive pricing from Wysong Tree Service. We win most insurance claims because we bring a lot to the table at a fair price. Being a family-owned business that is overseen by the owner means there is less overhead with an ensured quality of work performed. This means we can pass the savings on to you! With dozens of five-star reviews and thousands of satisfied customers, we have built a reputation for providing great service to the Chattanooga area. We are a group of hard-working tree professionals that get the job done right the first time.

Quality Tree Services in Chattanooga TN

From Free Estimates to 24/7 emergency tree service, Wysong has the experience and knowledge to handle all of your tree care needs. Including but not limited to Residential tree removal, commercial services, stump grinding, and large tree removal. We made this checklist for your convenience and for you to see that we check off every item on the list. We keep all licensure and insurance coverage up to date. On top of staying to the book, we have trained experienced staff with proper certification. This means you can expect the job to be completed with safety and efficiency every step of the way. We carry top equipment for all types of tree care including access to a crane when needed. With over 17 years of experience, 12 years in business, and a reputation of excellent service in Chattanooga, TN, we’ve established ourselves as the most reliable tree removal company in the area. Give us a call today at 423-227-2533 for more information or a free estimate.