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With seventeen years of experience in tree removal, we’re here to help you quickly take care of your tree service needs in Chattanooga TN.

Locally Owned and Operated by Veteran Daniel Wysong, Wysong Tree Services takes pride in their work. Wysong Tree Service completes all tree work themselves and does not outsource their work to other companies. They provide Free Estimates and 24/7 Emergency Service. “We do the work right the first time, and we like to have a good time too. Life is too short to not have fun.” says owner Daniel Wysong.

He continues, “We are a full-service tree company. We specialize in dead and dangerous tree removal. We also offer tree cutting, stump grinding, lot clearing, pruning, and bush removal as well. Our tagline is ‘We Take ‘Em Dead or Alive’!

Give me a call or text on my cell at 423-227-2533.”

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Enjoy A Tidy Backyard with Our Tree Services in Chattanooga TN

One of the things Chattanooga TN is known for is its trees. Located in a lush, green valley split by the Tennessee River, you can see clusters of healthy green trees almost anywhere you look when you’re in Chattanooga.

A key part of maintaining the health of trees is to trim them at the right time, and cut down dead ones to make room for new growth.

And that’s where we come in. We’re here to help the trees in your yard or surrounding your business stay healthy, and make sure they don’t pose a danger to you, your home, or the other buildings on your property.

Check out these reviews to see what people in Chattanooga have to say about our tree service work.

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Expert Commercial Tree Services in Chattanooga TN

Covering Every Type of Tree Service in Chattanooga TN

Whether you need an entire tree cut down, just trimmed, or you want the brush removed from a back lot, we’ve got you covered in Chattanooga TN. 

For residential needs in Chattanooga TN, if you have a dead tree in danger of falling on your home, an overgrown tree that needs to be trimmed back, or a living tree that’s in the path of a new renovation you have planned, just let us know and we’ll take care of it. We can also handle stump grinding and large tree removal—bottom line, if you have a problem with a tree, we can handle it.

When it comes to commercial tree services, we’re here to help keep your property looking clean and ready for business. For commercial needs, we offer the same services mentioned above but at a higher scale, making sure your tree-related needs never get in the way of you running your business. 

Have a lot that needs clearing? Whether it’s for new construction for a business or just cleaning up the backyard of your home, we’re here to help. 

Learn more about all the types of tree removal services we provide in Chattanooga TN.

Professional Tree Services Near Chattanooga TN

Looking for high quality tree services near Chattanooga? 

Look no further than Wysong Tree Services. Located in Chattanooga TN, we have been in business for twelve years and have seventeen years of experience. We run a highly professional tree service operation, making sure that all of our licensure and insurance coverage is up to date at all times. 

In addition to staying on top of licensures and insurance, our tree service specialists are highly trained and experienced, and hold the proper certification for the work they do. This means we use top-of-the-line equipment in the work we do for you, including access to a crane as needed. It also means that the work we do for you will be completed safely and efficiently every single step of the way.

Want a quote, or have questions about how we can help you with your tree service needs? Call us now at 423-227-2533 or request a quote by filling out the contact form on our website.

Why Hire a Professional Tree Trimming Service in Chattanooga TN

They're a family owned business that takes great pride in their work!"

Just know where they show up...the job will be done, and done to the highest standards. They're a family owned business that loves their community, and takes great pride in their work. Always ready to cut some wood.

"Great Tree Service. Did a great job - had 4 trees took down. Came right out when called for estimate and did job a day later. Very honest. Did everything - even did more than was planned."

"Always great service from Wysong Tree Service! I highly recommend!"

“Daniel and his crew are always professional and perform tasks at a high standard"

Daniel and his crew have consistently come through for me on several occasions. He and his crew are always professional and perform tasks at a high standard. I highly recommend this veteran owned business!

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For affordable tree service in Chattanooga TN, contact Wysong Tree Service to get a FREE estimate as soon as today! We offer a 24/7 service for all your emergency needs.

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Don’t let a fallen or overgrown tree disrupt your life at home or at work. Our services include everything from tree trimming to emergency tree removal, and before every service we provide a free consultation and estimate. When you need your trees taken care of, there’s no better team to call than Wysong Tree Service. With over 17 years of experience, 12 years in business, and a reputation of excellent service in Chattanooga, TN we’ve established ourselves as the most reliable tree removal company in the area. Call us for 24/7 emergency tree services!

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