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Removing trees can be a difficult and dangerous job. It’s definitely not something that you can DIY over the weekend. So forget about climbing and chopping dangerous trees all by yourself. And stop searching for “tree services near me” because you’ve found Wysong Tree Service! Just give us a call and we’ll do the work for you.

Wysong Tree Service can perform tree removals in no time at a cost-efficient price. We have a team of specialists that will get the job done quickly so you don’t need to worry about it anymore.

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    Wysong at a Glance

    Wysong Tree Service has been providing quality tree care services to our customers since 2004. We are licensed, bonded, and fully insured, so you can trust that we will be there when we say we will.

    Where Can I Use My $150 Coupon?

    You’ve claimed your $150 savings coupon and you’re now wondering which services you can use it for. Is it only valid for tree removals? The good news is Wysong Tree Service offers an array of tree care services that you can choose from.

    Check out our list of eligible services.

    Residential and Commercial Tree Removal

    Residential and Commercial Tree Removals

    Available for both residential and commercial properties, we have a team of tree removal experts that will provide you with an affordable, dependable, and convenient solution.
    Emergency Tree Removal

    Emergency Tree Removals

    Available 24/7, Wysong Tree Service experts can quickly and accurately evaluate tree damage so we can perform the emergency tree removal in the fastest possible time.
    Tree Trimming and Pruning
    We have a team of certified arborists specially trained to maintain the health of your trees.
    Land Clearing Service

    Land Clearing Services

    Clearing a lot for farming, construction, or for any other purpose? We can professionally and expertly clear your land to make it ready for your use.

    Ready to Get Your Trees Serviced? Just contact us to get a free estimate and use your coupon to get $150 off instantly! Amazing right?

    If your desired service is not on the list, you can still get a $150 Discount Coupon valid for our other services. Get in touch with us to find out how!

    Meet Daniel Wysong of Wysong Tree Service

    Hi! I’m Daniel Wysong. For me, tree care is not just a job, it’s a commitment. As the owner of the company, my goal is to be able to help our customers take care of their trees while at the same time, protect and preserve the environment in the process.

    Wysong Tree Service is your local, full-service tree care company. With over 17 years of experience, we’re ready to help you with all your needs. We have certified arborists and forestry experts on board who are all eager to share their knowledge and expertise in order to provide you with comprehensive tree care.

    Call 423-227-2533 or Visit Our Website to Schedule your Free Estimate

    For affordable tree service in Chattanooga TN, contact Wysong Tree Service to get a FREE estimate as soon as today! We offer a 24/7 service for all your emergency needs.