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Wysong Tree Service offers 24/7 emergency tree removal services in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Our round-the-clock service allows us to respond immediately during emergencies. We follow a tried and tested emergency tree removal process that prioritizes safety, promptness, and high-quality service.

Our fully insured, licensed, and bonded team of professional tree service experts can swiftly and accurately assess tree damage so we can perform the emergency tree removal as soon as possible. We have the required equipment to execute safe and efficient tree removal services as well as the specialized knowledge to minimize potential risks and damage.

If you find yourself in a risky situation involving a disruptive tree, we at Wysong Tree Service can handle your emergency with professional care.

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When is an Emergency Tree Removal Required?

There are different situations that require you to call for an emergency tree removal service. In all of these situations, hiring professional emergency responders is very critical because it involves the safety of the people living in the area and the surrounding properties.

Not sure if you need an emergency service? Here are some situations where an emergency tree removal service is required.

Fallen Tree Due to a Natural Disaster

Natural disasters like storms, hurricanes, and earthquakes can cause trees to fall down. When this happens, a fallen tree can block roads, destroy power lines, crash on your car, or worse, damage your home. 

After a natural disaster, Wysong Tree Service has the expertise to carry out emergency tree removal as quickly as possible as well as assess surrounding areas for trees that could cause further damage.

Fallen Tree

When the Tree is Damaging your Property

Trees are living things so they can be unpredictable when they grow. Overgrown branches can cause several problems such as damaging your roof, acting as pathways for pests into your home, and impeding on your neighbor’s property. Overgrown branches can also fall onto your property, which makes them a safety risk. While tree trimming can also address these problems, there are instances when an emergency removal is the only option.

Another potential problem is when tree roots cause structural damage to your property.  A tree’s root system affects the condition of the soil your property is built on, which can compromise your home’s foundation. When the concrete of your home, driveways, and other walkways start to shift and crack, these are signs that you need a tree removal service. If you have a fallen tree that has caused damage to your property that needs to be addressed immediately give Wysong Tree Services a call for emergency assistance.

Have an Ailing Tree on Your Property?

It’s not safe to have a diseased tree in your property because there is a higher chance for the tree or its branches to suddenly fall and cause damage. A sick tree can also affect the overall health of the other plants in your property. If you are concerned a tree might fall after a nasty storm or high winds you can call Wysong Tree Service for emergency removals 24-7. 

Have an Ailing Tree on Your Property

Is Your Property Up For Sale and Have an Unexpected Tree Emergency?

It is generally accepted that having a well-kept tree in your property increases the value of your home. However, there are some instances when a tree can be a liability instead of an asset. If there is a diseased or dead tree in your property, it could make your home look less appealing and distract potential buyers. Removing a dead tree can help make the landscape surrounding your house healthier and more attractive. If disaster strikes and you have a tree that is looming over your property or a fallen tree that is blocking access, give us a call today.  

24-Hour Tree Removal Service in Chattanooga TN

When looking for an emergency tree removal service in Chattanooga TN, make sure that you only rely on professionals. Our emergency tree removal team at Wysong Tree Service provides a fast and excellent service that is unmatched in the area. 

For the best emergency tree removal service in Chattanooga TN, contact Wysong Tree Service to get a FREE estimate as soon as today! Call 423-227-2533 or send us a message to get a free estimate.

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Daniel and his crew have consistently come through for me on several occasions. He and his crew are always professional and perform tasks at a high standard. I highly recommend this veteran owned business!

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