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    tree trimming

    Your Experienced Chattanooga TN Tree Trimming Company

    Get rid of dangerous tree limbs before they have a chance to do serious damage when you call Wysong Tree Service for all your tree trimming needs in the Chattanooga TN area. Our experienced technicians can easily evaluate your trees’ needs and provide professional tree trimming services to keep them healthy and safe. Using professional-grade equipment and proven methods, we deliver affordable tree trimming year-round.

    tree trimming
    loose and damanged branches

    Love the Look of Your Property

    Though there are many reasons to opt for tree trimming-including safety and the health of your trees-most people simply want their trees to look nice. This is a perfectly common reason to choose tree trimming services, and we’re here to make sure your property looks its best. Our tree trimming team will shape your trees perfectly, giving them an eye-catching symmetry that your whole street will admire. Whatever your reason for tree trimming, we’re here to help.


    I refer the really scary ones to Wysong!

    "It is so important to have a competent experienced tree service to come and deal with your trees. I cut trees for a living and I still refer the really scary ones to Wysong tree service!"


    Someone who actually knows what they are doing!

    "Great Guys…Great Service. It’s important in this type of business to find someone who actually knows what they are doing. They do their best to get the job done in a timely manner as well. I highly recommend them."


    Their rates are very reasonable!

    "Daniel and his crew took out a dozen or so hardwoods that we needed cut. They did a great job and completely cleaned up afterward. Their rates are very reasonable and I would not hesitate to use them again."


    They’re a family owned business that takes great pride in their work!

    "Just know where they show up…the job will be done, and done to the highest standards. They’re a family owned business that loves their community, and takes great pride in their work. Always ready to cut some wood."

    Daniel and his crew are always professional and perform tasks at a high standard

    "Daniel and his crew have consistently come through for me on several occasions. He and his crew are always professional and perform tasks at a high standard. I highly recommend this veteran owned business!"

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    Let Us Take Care of Your Tree Service Needs

    Don’t let a fallen or overgrown tree disrupt your life at home or at work. Our services include everything from tree trimming to emergency tree removal, and before every service we provide a free consultation and estimate. When you need your trees taken care of, there’s no better team to call than Wysong Tree Service. With over 17 years of experience, 12 years in business, and a reputation of excellent service in Chattanooga, TN we’ve established ourselves as the most reliable tree removal company in the area. Call us for 24/7 emergency tree services!